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Prediction: Celtics elect to beat Washington in a landslide

Disclaimer: My predictions sometimes work out (like when I predicted at mid-season that we'd be in the Finals in 2010) and sometimes not so much (like, ...well, every other prediction). But that won't stop me from rolling the dice again.

Boom goes the dynamite
Boom goes the dynamite
Jared Wickerham

Let's review.

  • Emotional, gut wrenching, demoralizing loss to the rival defending champs. Check.
  • Letdown, sloppy, lopsided loss to an inferior team. Check.
  • Big early lead flittered away to a vastly inferior (young and hurt) team while still squeaking out a win. Check.

I'd say that we've covered all the negative bases. So we're just about due for some positive play. I think we've got some of the following games coming up (in no particular order).

  • The old "No kidding, we're not going to let them score for 10 min. at a time and embarrass some team with a record low scoring" night.
  • The "wait a minute, you mean if we share the ball and trust each other we get open looks?" game where the offense just clicks all night long game.
  • The "entertaining boxing match where we match a contending team blow for blow and put together a series of heady plays in the 4th quarter to seal the victory" game.
  • The "nerve wracking, down 20 in the first half, all is lost until Paul Pierce decides to put on his Truth face and wills us back into the game where we end up winning in dramatic fashion and the players do goofy celebrations" type game.

Yes, I have a real good feeling that a lot of these sorts of games are coming up on the near horizon.

But to start things off, I think the Celtics will have a few days off to think about how they started off and remember that they are the Celtics and the Wizards are the Wizards without John Wall and Nene. So I'm gonna go out on a ledge and predict one of my favorite types of games....

Gino time with 7 min. left in the 4th! (and lots of Kris Joseph)

Now, I've never been accused of being a pessimist (or even much of a proper realist), but that's the way I see it going down. How about you? Any predictions?

Green Kool-Aid on the house.

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