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Celtics final score: Celtics edge Wizards in overtime 100 - 94

It took overtime against the Wizards without Wall and Nene, but a win is a win.


Brandon Bass (who again did not start in favor of Jared Sullinger) stepped up with some clutch overtime baskets to seal the win against the Wizards who played a tough game all night.

  • Amazing the impact that Kevin Garnett has on a game. In the first half he was a plus 8 in +/- yet the team was down by 5. That's a negative 13 for the team when he was on the bench.
  • There were several plays that KG blew up or flat out stole the ball away from the Wizards.
  • Thankfully Chris Wilcox provided a spark in the third quarter with buckets, free throws, rebounds, a blocked shot, and just heady all around play.
  • Celts got another spark off the bench from Jason Terry as well. Much needed bench production.
  • Kevin Seraphin proved that the last game was no fluke - another very solid night for the kid. That's impressive considering that KG had time to prepare for him.
  • Bradley Beal is living up to the Ray Allen comparisons - big 3 pointers, especially late in the game.
  • There are some times when Rondo does everything for his teammate to set him up to score but take the shot for him. Amazing.
  • Celtics clamped down on defense for a mostly strong 4th quarter but some heady play by the Wizards forced overtime.
  • It was harder than it had any right to be, but a win is a win.

Final - 11.7.2012 1 2 3 4 OT 1 Total
Washington Wizards 16 26 16 30 6 94
Boston Celtics 21 16 26 22 12 100

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