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Celtics final score: Celtics fall to Sixers 106 - 100

Bad defense, bad, bad defense.

Jared Wickerham

You are what your record says you are and the Celtics just aren't a very good team right now. This team still has potential, but they aren't going anywhere good without some big improvements on defense.

They just played appallingly bad defense for much off the first half, which gave the Sixers confidence. Once the C's actually started playing better, the Sixers were so confident that they just kept hitting shots.

It was a valiant effort to get back in the game after trailing by 10 or more for the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but ultimately not enough to overcome the deficit their defense put them in early on.

  • Deja vu all over again - Celtics get quick, early lead then go completely cold. What's that all about?
  • I'm putting out an APB - if you have seen our defense, please call Waltham and let them know where they can find it.
  • Evan Turner was a beast all night, leading the team in points (25) and rebounds (11).
  • Ditto for Jrue Holiday who had 21 points and added 14 assists.
  • Wilcox had another solid game and got a few more minutes to contribute.
  • Not sure what else Rondo can do. A ridiculous 19 assists in a losing effort (plus 14 points).
  • Pierce, Garnett, and Terry each chipped in with some offense, but nobody else really made a dent.
  • Yup, still waiting on Jeff Green to play well. Still waiting.

The Celtics are 2-3. Yikes.

Final - 11.9.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 23 34 26 23 106
Boston Celtics 20 25 29 26 100

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