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Who you calling soft? Celtics respond to coach's criticism

Celtics (shockingly) don't like to be called soft.

say what man?
say what man?

I'll let these quotes talk for themselves.

Green Street " Kevin Garnett doesn’t like to be called soft

"I don’t know any man who likes to be called soft; maybe some women," he said after dropping a 10-5-4 in 23 efficient minutes of Friday’s 96-78 blowout of the Blazers. "Where I’m from, not most men like that. I think collectively he’s talking about our style. … I don’t think he’s coming at us as men, but he’s definitely talking about our style as a whole. Collectively, we all have to do that together; the onus falls on each and every last one of us, not just one or two guys. But, yeah, that was disturbing. Who likes to be called soft in anything, if you’re a man?"

Boston Celtics squash Doc Rivers' "soft" talk by blowing out Portland Trail Blazers - ESPN Boston

"Nobody wants to be called soft," Lee said. "Me, individually, I took that personally because I felt that I'm far from being soft. And I think our team took it personal, too, so we came out and had a good practice the other day. Doc was still going on his rant, so we had to respond and we did that in practice by going hard, beating each other up. Then we came out here and had a good start. We threw that first punch. "[Rivers] can continue to call us soft, if we're going to respond like this and come out here and play. I guess we need to be told that for us to wake up."

I'm pretty sure that pulling out the S bomb only works once in a while, but if I thought it worked I'd say to call them soft every night.

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