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Celtics final score: Celtics blow lead, lose to Bucks 88-91

Like Icarus they flew to high in the sky and had their wings melted off.


This routine is getting old. Celtics take big early lead and then quickly let it slip away. This time they had a very healthy 17 point lead but gave it all up to lose in painful fashion.

On one hand, you can't keep doing that if you expect to be a top contender (or any kind of contender). On the other hand, it is the 2nd half of a back to back and we didn't have Rondo. So if you want excuses, there you go.

Give the Bucks credit for not giving up and fighting their way back. But it was the Celtics too. Take that last 3 pointer by Jennings: The Bucks rotated the ball well but on the last pass Jason Terry was painfully out of position giving Jennings all the time and space in the world to hit what ended up being the game winner. I miss you Avery Bradley. Come back soon.

  • Nice to see another good game from Jeff Green. Even had a big 3 pointer late in the 4th quarter.
  • Paul Pierce still our most dependable scorer but he can't carry a team anymore.
  • Aside from Jeff Green, we got a total of 2 points off the bench. I expect that from Collins, but would be nice to get more from Wilcox or Barbosa at least.
  • Larry Sanders. Wow. 18 and 16.

Final - 12.1.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 27 21 21 19 88
Milwaukee Bucks 11 36 22 22 91

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