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Chris Wilcox (in a small sample size) is awesome on offense

How would you like a guy that scores 7 times for every 10 shots he takes? Those are pretty good averages if you ask me. That's what Chris Wilcox is doing (albeit with a smallish sample size).

Wilcox's energy leading to easy buckets - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Less than nine months removed from surgery to repair an enlarged aorta that cut his 2011-12 season short, the 30-year-old Wilcox is quietly averaging 4.5 points and 2.3 rebounds over 13.1 minutes per game. Maybe most noteworthy, Wilcox is shooting a staggering 70.8 percent from the floor, which would easily be a Celtics' franchise record if he could reach the minimum-attempt threshold.

Offensively, Wilcox has been rather spectacular. He actually ranks in the 99th percentile among all NBA players, averaging a whopping 1.232 points per play overall, according to Synergy Sports data. The majority of Wilcox's points come off cuts in the offensive end, sneaking into the paint when the defense collapse on Boston's shooters. Yes, he can run with Rondo, but his transition numbers don't leap off the page.

How does he do it? Check the link above and you'll see that all his points are in the paint. And it is a good bet a large percentage of them are assisted by Rajon Rondo. So there you have it. Chris Wilcox, offensive juggernaut.

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