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Avery Bradley's rehab: football, boxing, hanging on rims

CSNNE's Jessica Camerato checks in on Avery Bradley's rehab, including unconventional methods like boxing and football to get his shoulders ready for the rigors of the NBA game.


I picture a tear away calendar at Waltham counting down the days before Avery Bradley returns. You can see him on the court working out before tip off and sitting on the bench during the games. Camerato reports that he's two weeks away from being re-evaluated--two weeks from today is Christmas Day (!)--but less than a week ago, Danny pegged his return at least to practice was ten days out and a possible return to actual games during the team's west coast road trip at the end of the year. Regardless, he's close. Here's some of Camerato's insight some of AB's alternative methods to recovery:

"It was something we do to help my arm strength," Bradley explained to "We try to make it fun at the same time. At first I wasn't sure about it. I was like, ‘B.Doo (Celtics strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo), this doesn't make sense.' Once I started doing it, him throwing the ball hard and me extending, I have to do the same thing with a basketball and I have to see if I'm able to do it or not. It definitely helps. This is our second time doing it. Since it helps me out, we will probably continue doing it."

The Celtics have been creative with Bradley's routines, mixing in unconventional workouts and drills to keep him engaged. The 22-year-old guard has taken to the new methods during his recovery.

"We even do boxing," Bradley said. "They put on the gloves and I wear the pads and they punch them so I can receive them like someone's pushing my arm. At first I was boxing and then I stopped and just did the receiving because it was more important. We've been doing that for two weeks. It makes me stronger and it helps me see where I'm at at the same time. Let's say if somebody's pushing my arm, I try to get myself back to being used to those forces and resistance."

There's also some discussion about hanging on rims to see if his shoulders can carry his weight and he's passed that test, too. Good, because I can't wait until this happens again:

Avery Bradley Dunk On Kevin Durant - Celtics @ Thunder 2/22/2012 (via nbaus3030)

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