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Jason Terry has moved on from Dallas days

The Mavericks moved on from Jason Terry and he's moved on from them.

Jared Wickerham

Jason Terry is going to face his old team for the first time tomorrow night. The Mavericks didn't make a big push to re-sign him this summer and the previous year started the process of dismantling the team that won the title due to long term financial concerns.

So the Mavericks moved on from Jason Terry and he's moved on from them.

Green Street " Jason Terry doesn’t miss this Mavericks team

"Do we wish we would’ve kept that team together?" asked Terry, who played his previous eight seasons in Dallas. "You’re darn right. To have a chance to repeat, that’s a big factor. You look at Miami, they added pieces; they didn’t subtract. So, you wish you could go back and change it, but you can’t. And so now we’re going forward. I believe this team we have in Boston is just as talented, if not more than what we had in Dallas."

Terry let his ink do his talking for him this offseason getting that Lucky the Leprechaun spinning the Larry O'Brien trophy tattoo. So you know it isn't just words. He really believes in this team.

The Mavericks aren't even the same cast of characters anymore, so Terry barely recognizes his old team. He says it will be a little different when he visits Dallas, but that's only natural because of the connection with the fans.

For now, though, Terry is a Celtic and he's probably going to want to show Mark Cuban and company what kind of juice he's got left in his jet engines.

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