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Doc Rivers is the Bill Belichick of basketball

Doc is one of the best coaches in the game and does it though preparation and relationships with his stars.

Jared Wickerham

Doc Rivers got a chance to peak behind the New England Patriots curtain in their preparation for Monday Night Football and walked away impressed. He also couldn't help but compare his team with theirs.

Green Street » Doc Rivers has learned a lot from Bill Belichick

“Rondo is our Tom Brady, as far as being the point guard/quarterback,” Rivers said after Tuesday’s practice. “Kevin [Kevin Garnett] probably as far as all of the relationship stuff. Tom Brady has got to be right there [as one of the best in history]. It’s surgical watching him play. Then to have that, plus the relationship with [Belichick], I don’t know if there’s been a better great quarterback relationship with their coach ever. Bill Walsh and Joe Montana would be the only other one that comes to mind for me. That’s pretty neat. And they’re so different as people. That’s pretty cool.”

Jason Terry also made some comparisons between the coaches.

Rivers, Belichick Share Rare Coaching Bond | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

“He’s the Bill Belichick of basketball, because his execution of what he draws up in the timeouts, in practice, we go over it time and time again,” said Terry, who made the comparison without being provoked. Moments later, Terry did it again. “Doc might have been stealing things from Belichick since he’s been in Boston because everything he does is all about execution and winning every possession, not just the game but every possession,” Terry said. “I think that’s critical to our success and that’s a big emphasis.”

Putting aside any "Spy Gate" jokes, this is a pretty big compliment. Let us hope that Doc has a couple more Championship runs in him.

By the way, one big difference between the two: Doc is a much better interview with the media.

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