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Forever young, Paul Pierce scores 23,000th point

Putting Paul Pierce's career numbers into historical context.

Jared Wickerham

Paul Pierce just keeps on plugging. Step slow or not, he just keeps scoring baskets. He now has over 23,000 points for his career.

Celtics vs. Mavericks: Paul Pierce's legacy grows with 23,000th point - NBA - Sporting News

There are times it’s easy to forget that Pierce is now 35 years old, and part of the reason he ranks 25th in points all-time is that he ranks 21st in age among active players. He is the only 35-year-old in the league to be leading his team in scoring, and with his outburst against the Mavericks, he raised his scoring average to 20.5 points per game. Oh, and he also played 44 minutes, the second time in the last week he has played that many minutes in an overtime game.

Let us put his latest accomplishment in context. He's now 25th on the all time scoring list. Using round numbers to project, he's on pace to score another 1,200 points this year (assuming good health - knock on wood) which would put him just behind Allen Iverson who's currently 18th on the list. Who knows how high he can go if he plays out the rest of his contract?

He might not catch teammate Kevin Garnett who's currently 16th on the list with 24,605 and he'll have to last a while longer to pass up John Havlicek (26,395) for all-time Celtics leader but there's a real chance he could finish his career in the top 15 - 20 all-time range and every point would (hopefully) be scored for the Boston Celtics. That's an amazing accomplishment.

He's also got over 4,000 assists and over 6,000 rebounds and none of this counts playoff stats either.

Oh captain my captain. The Truth still conquers all.

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