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NBA All-Star Game early returns: Garnett and Rondo are starters

In the first returns for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo are frontrunners to be starters for the East on February 17th.

Jim Rogash

For Rondo, I'm really happy that he's finally getting the recognition from fans around the world that he's the best point guard in the league. Plus, the All Star Game is tailor made for his talents. He'll push the pace in Houston and there isn't a better showman in the open court than Rondo.

KG's early lead over Bosh is a little curious. Of course we all know and love him in Boston, but the fact that the 18-year vet is getting love nationwide is unexpected. I don't think these numbers reflect international voting yet, so Garnett's numbers might actually get a bump because of his affiliation with Anta in China. Part of me would rather have Garnett take that weekend off at his beach house in Malibu and another part of me loves the idea of #5 representing the Celtics at ASW in the twilight of his career.

Paul Pierce finished 6th in the Eastern front court with 114,735 votes with Jeff Green at 15th at 36,080. Jason Terry was 8th in the back court with 36,147 votes. If you want to cast your vote for the team, check out this link.

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