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Ed Lacerete honored with O'Toole Award

Congrats to Ed Lacerete.

Lacerte receives O'Toole Award - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte received the 2011-12 Joe O'Toole Athletic Trainer of the Year award presented by the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association during halftime of Wednesday's double-overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks. Lacerte, now in his 26th season with the Celtics, is Doc Rivers' righthand man when it comes to injuries (Rivers loves to joke that 'Doc' is just a nickname) and Lacerte's efforts are not lost on Boston's head coach. "Eddie is probably the hardest-working man in the league right now with some of our guys," said Rivers. "He’s here all night. So I’m very proud of him."

Good to know our guys are in good hands.