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Lots of bigs available, but can the Celtics afford them?


The Celtics have a need for a quality big man. A starter would be great, but I'd settle for a half decent backup to Kevin Garnett that won't make our plus-minus numbers crater with him on the bench.

Oddly enough, it appears that there are several quality big men on the trade market. But is the fit right and is the price right for any of them? We'll see.

We've talked about Pau Gasol in the past (I'll pass). We've heard rumors already about Marcin Gortat. Every other week someone (ok, me) brings up Al Jefferson (even if it makes more emotional sense than logical). His teammate Paul Millsap might be a better fit but would likely come at a higher cost. I'm not very interested in the defensively challenged Andrea Bargnani.

But perhaps the guy that might be at the top of our wish list is the goofy looking Brazilian in Cleveland. The problem? He's on a lot of wish lists and the price is really high to begin with.

NBA -- Top trade targets - ESPN

Various teams have chimed in since to say that Varejao is highly available, as he has been for the past few seasons, but likewise expressed a good amount of skepticism about his actually moving before the trade buzzer in February because the Cavs' perpetually high asking price has only gone up.

They want "multiple young assets" for Varejao and I'm not sure the Celtics have what the Cavs would want. Or at least not a better package than what other teams could offer.

Still, I wouldn't put it past Danny Ainge to shake things up and make a major move for a big. Knowing him, he'll grab Bargnani just because the price on him is low right now - but that's not going to help us on defense and I can't fathom him on the same court as Kevin Garnett.

So who would you most like to go get? What pieces would you be willing to give up to get them?

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