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Missed easy baskets led to buckets on the other end

Here's the pattern that repeated far too often last night. Celtic player has a good look at the basket in the paint, misses, head hangs just long enough for the Rockets to get numbers going the other way, Houston transition bucket. Not a good recipe for success.

Missed opportunities near basket for C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

If you're looking for a culprit in Boston's loss to Houston on Friday night, consider the Celtics' inability to convert around the basket -- and the frustration from those misses that spilled over to the defensive end -- in a 101-89 loss. "We missed a lot of good looks, missed layups, and missed some open jumpers, and that’s all part of the game," Rajon Rondo told reporters in Houston. "That can’t affect the way we get back defensively and Houston took advantage of those opportunities.”

Frustration is part of the game, but the Celtics need to be the one's taking advantage of a frustrated team not the ones getting sideways about missed opportunities.

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