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Doc blames "mental fatigue" for recent woes

I'd like to blame all my bad blogging days on mental fatigue.

does your brain need a break Rajon?
does your brain need a break Rajon?
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics have looked tired lately. For a select few guys that might have something to do with age. For some it might have to do with conditioning. But Doc has an interesting theory on the team as a whole. He says that the team is mentally fatigued - whatever that means.

Rivers: Celtics' veteran experience is deceiving

When teams are out of shape physically, having them run more usually does the trick. But mental fatigue? That's a tricky one, for sure. "You work on habits, you have to improve your habits," Rivers said. "We see it on film. We'll do it. And then we never sustain it." Said Brandon Bass: "We know what we need to do. We just need to keep on doing it for longer stretches, that's all."

He also points out that there's a difference between "veteran teams" and "teams with a lot of veterans." The point being that the core of this squad has been together for a while, but that core is down to 3 guys at this point. Everyone else is relatively new.

So is there hope that these guys will overcome their mental fatigue, mesh together, and eventually "get it?" Rick Carlisle thinks so.

"It just takes time," Carlisle told "I know fans don't like to hear that, but it's true. Obviously every team is different. But the better teams out there will figure it out sooner or later. And Boston is one of those teams."

Here's hoping.

By the way, this is going to be my excuse for everything now. Sorry honey, I can't take out the trash, mental fatigue. You mean I gave the kids the wrong lunches? Sorry, mental fatigue. Did I over-quote A. Sherrod Blakey's article here without providing enough original insight? Ugh, my brain is tired. Can I have the next few days off?

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