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Trade idea: How about Timofey Mozgov?

Not a rumor, just putting a few rumors together for discussion purposes.

he's tall
he's tall
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The Celtics have a shortage of centers who can play. The Nuggets have a surplus. Is there a match here?

NBA's top trade candidates - Yahoo! Sports

Of their three centers, the Nuggets are most willing to part with Mozgov, who has proven in his short NBA career and Olympic play that he is a serviceable big man. The Nuggets probably won't try to re-sign him with two other free agents on the horizon: guard Andre Iguodala and reserve swingman Corey Brewer. "It's logical because they have three centers and it's hard for [coach George] Karl to play them all," one NBA GM said. "The Nuggets are not a big revenue-generating team and they're not going to pay the tax."

Trade Season: More Potential Names on the NBA Market - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

On a Denver-related side note, executives agree that Timofey Mozgov, thrust back into the rotation in the last week, is among the most available players in the league

Mozgov is a 7'1" 250 lb. serviceable backup center who's just not getting minutes in Denver. An informal scanning of some Denver fans thoughts indicate that he might be had for a late first rounder and Fab Melo plus salary filler. Barbosa's name was brought up but I might be more willing to include Jason Collins.

Or if the teams wanted to get creative and expand the deal, names like Courtney Lee, Corey Brewer or even Wilson Chandler could get involved. Note, all this is pure speculation for discussion purposes.

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