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Doc: Good job, good effort

Remember the kid at the end of Game 5 saying "good job, good effort" to the Miami Heat? It sounded sarcastic at the time but it turns out that the kid was just a big fan trying to encourage his favorite team. That is what these comments from Doc remind me of.

Celtics turn from dominant to dismal in loss - Celtics -

"Overall, I thought our guys really played hard; we did everything we could do," he said. "We missed a lot of good shots down the stretch. It was a tough loss. I’m not mad at all. We had a bad rotation leaving Jennings but that was effort again. They made some shots and we missed some."

It can't be that simple - but to be fair, it sounds like Doc was distracted by the death of Rick Majerus and probably just wanted the press conference to be over quickly.

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