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Jason Terry takes the blame

Jason Terry is a stand up guy. He blew the coverage on that late Jennings three pointer but he knows it and he's man enough to take the blame.

Minor turbulence won't detour JET - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Terry didn’t run for cover after the late-game woes. "Being a 14-year veteran, I can't make that crucial mistake and leave Brandon Jennings in the end," Terry told reporters in Milwaukee. "I told everybody that I'll take this one on my shoulders." While praising Terry on Friday, Rivers noted that Terry’s ability to make up for his lack of defensive prowess with pure grit was "a great lesson for some of our younger guys."

Obviously Terry did a lot of good things and he wasn't the only reason the team lost. But it was a good veteran example for him to take ownership of a mistake and show the kids how to respond in situations like that. Everyone makes mistakes, it is how you react and learn from them that counts.

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