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Celtics wish list: All I want for Christmas is...

What do I want for the Celtics for Christmas? Where do I start?

Tom Pennington

You better watch out, you better not cry (even during a losing streak), you better not pout I'm telling you why. Larry, Kevin, and Robert are not walking through that door, but Santa Claus is coming to town.

Dear Santa,

I've been really good this year. I've been blogging during the ups and downs. I haven't turned players into scapegoats and I've kept my hand from the panic button. I even put the Ray Allen stuff behind me (for now). Please consider the following things on my Christmas wish list. I promise I will leave milk and cookies in the TD Garden.

Rebounding big man

I'll settle for more production out of Jared Sullinger, but I'd really love to see a legit rebounding center that can defend. And if he can throw the ball into the ocean on occasion, that's just icing on the sugar cookie. Oh, and since I'm asking, please let some other GM make a panic move, giving us one of those lopsided trades that the NBA has become known for over the last few years.

Avery Bradley's healthy shoulders and all the mojo he had last year

Hoping for health first and foremost. But trying to temper expectations that he'll be a "savior" for this team. But since I'm wishing, here's hoping that he has all the disruptive force of nature swag that he had at times last year. And make him a better shooter and viable backup point guard while we're at it. Because why not?

Fountain of Youth

Pierce, Garnett,and Terry have all been remarkably healthy and pretty productive more often than not. But they can't do it alone - not on 35 yr old legs and not for a full season. So more rest, more blowout victories, more Gino time, and more spring in their step would be just the thing to find under the tree this year.


I don't mean to make japes about hearts when we've got two post-surgery patients on our squad. But this team needs the heart of a lion and they've been playing with the heart of lambs so far. Now the lion from Oz had the heart in him all along, he just needed to use it. Hoping for something like that here.

Other stocking stuffer ideas:

  • Regained jumper for Courtney Lee
  • A few plays called for Jeff Green - preferably ones that result in thunderous dunks
  • Uptick in rebounding from Brandon Bass
  • Defense for Chris Wilcox
  • Just for fun, more triple doubles for Rajon Rondo

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