No more denial... the window has closed (comments welcome)

I truly believed that going into this season with the off-season acquisitions that the Celtics could truly compete for a championship. But I forgot about a few things, I forgot that the reality is the Celtics overachieved last season.... they didn't have to face a bulls team with derrick rose, they barely beat the sixers and beat the hawks on some very questionable calls in the final game.. Garnett went through a time warp and played out of his mind like he was ten years younger, Rondo stepped up, pierce, etc.. but in the end the better team (heat) won and went to the finals..

The celtics are at a crossroads and It's crucial for Ainge to concede that the window has closed and position the celtics for a title run in another two to three years.. otherwise we will be paying for it with mediocrity for the foreseeable future (which I suffered for 20+ years)... we have a franchise player (Rondo) and maybe some other young pieces that you can build a team around...

Here are the reasons now I have accepted the fact that even with some miraculous trade, the Celtics still can't compete for a championship this season:

1. Doc Rivers is an average coach -- yes I'm going to say it over and over again... he also looks confused, lost out there.. I think the game (the new nba) is passing him by sort of like Jerry Sloan.. .he would do everyone a great service if he just resigned at the end of the season (a la Mike D'antoni).... if the Celtics are going into rebuild mode, i'd actually like to see a young coach like Bryan Shaw get a chance anchored by a defensive coaching specialist....... take a look at what mark jackson is doing with GS and Jacque Vaughn with Orlando this season...

2. The Celtics dont get calls - we all know that, but they dont help their cause either (see #3 below)

3. Too much perimeter shooting - I can't say this enough, the celtics are allergic to the paint.. nobody on this team is attacking the basket (green and rondo occasionally).... you can't win in this league if you don't attack the paint and it's not like we have a ton of sharp shooters on the team anyway.. Kevin Garnett is the best jump shooter on the team and he's the Center.. its not like these are short jumpers either.. most of the jump shots are long range.... this is also attributable to the poor offensive rebounding..

4. Rebounding - again it has to be emphasized, in case anyone forgot it's the reason the Celtics lost game 7 in the 2010 finals against the lakers.. i'm not sure why to this day the Celtics have not addressed this issue, I guess Doc doesn't feel its important.. Even garnett as great as he is, is not a superior rebounder at this point in his career..

5. Pierce and Garnett are old... they can have great games here and there but they just can't sustain it over the course of an 82 game season consistently.. even in a 7 game series in the playoffs..unfortunately pierce does not have the work ethic in the off season as kobe bryant...

6. Brandon Bass sucks - I said it last season too, he got exposed in the playoffs.. he can't create his own shot, he's an average rebounder and defender.. can't play inside, etc... the one bad transaction I thought the celtics made in the off season...He's probably good enough to be a backup but his lack of offensive skills really hurts his cause (and it's not like he's a great defender)..

7. The East got significantly better - the east is much more competitive this year and i dont see the Celtics beating the bulls, hawks, sixers, heat, knicks, nets, bucks and maybe even the pacers in a 7 game series..

So what next...

1. I'd like to see Jeff Green and Sullinger start and see what they can really do..figure out if these guys are pieces for the future or if they are expendable...if im not mistaken both players can play the 3 or the 4 so you could try them in different lineups depending on the matchups..

2. Trade Paul Pierce - sacrilege I know but I really think he is not coming back next season.. I see him going to the Clippers somehow or another contender that is just missing one piece......I woudlnt blame him for leaving, he gave the team some great years and stuck it out through the bad times..I don't see Garnett getting traded.. i think he's a celtic for life and will end up being an assistant coach.. plus he was going to retire and only negotiated with the celtics .. that would be a d*ck move even for danny ainge..

3. Find out how to get Josh Smith - why? because he is a dynamic player who can play outside and inside, athletic can rebound and it would make Rondo very happy.. Happy Rondo = Happy Celtics Life :) I dont think the Hawks are going to trade Josh Smith, I think Ferry will think he has a good chance to re-sign him in the offseason since they are compeitive this year and could actually upset someone like the knicks in the playoffs.. but I'm pretty sure that Rondo can lure him away...


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