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Terry (again) takes blame for loss

This is a recurring trend for Terry. He once again shoulders much of the blame of the loss on his own shoulders.

Shots don't fall for Terry against Bucks

Terry, one of the NBA's all-time great 3-point shooters, missed 14 of his 15 shot attempts which included him clanking eight of his nine 3-point attempts. To his credit, Terry stood tall when it came time to discuss what was arguably his worst game as a Celtic. "That was frustrating," Terry said of his play. "For me, being a shooter, and getting looks that you wanted and then they're not falling for you, especially when your team needs you most."

Once again, this is an admirable quality in a leader. Then again, looking at that 1-15 box score, I'm tempted to agree with him. Though at the end of the day I know it is a team game and some nights the shots just don't fall.

"We got them great shots; just couldn't make them," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "And I thought as the game went on you know you press more and more to make them and we just couldn't. So, it was one of those games."