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Celtics struggling with transition defense

Hey, have you heard that the Celtics are struggling on defense? Yeah, not news here. But worth pointing out once more.

Boston Celtics must get back to basics on defense - ESPN Boston

And you know what fuels transition offense for opponents? Missed shots (and turnovers, too, but that's a whole 'nutha can of worms). Asked last week how Boston could shore up its transition defense, Rivers half-joked: "Well, get back." It sounds almost insultingly simple, but basketball really is that easy sometimes. It's a make/miss league and when you miss, you have to get back to prevent easy buckets. The Celtics are struggling with this basic concept.

Here's an idea, let's just abandon offensive rebounds and have everyone release and get back on defense. Wait, ...we're already doing that and it doesn't help? Oy.

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