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Doc Rivers wants to "stay big" after Avery Bradley returns

Coach likes the Jason Collins lineup for now.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Adding Avery Bradley to a rotation that already includes Courtney Lee and Jason Terry might tempt Doc to shift back to a smallball lineup, but so far he's saying that he doesn't want that. At least not all the time.

C's want to stay big when Bradley returns - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

But will there be a further trickle-down effect? Would Rivers reinsert Brandon Bass at starting forward or stick with the recent change that has seen the Celtics go big with Jason Collins at center and Kevin Garnett at power forward? "I probably would like to stay big," Rivers said. "But I think, again, that lineup will be a lineup we’ll use a lot -- the Jason [Collins] lineup. But there will be nights when we will start Brandon against certain lineups."

I'm fine with the fact that Doc is keeping his options open, but I do wish we would simply pick a starting lineup and stick with it. Matchups are important, but I'd rather force other teams to adjust to us than the other way around. Of course we'd need to be consistently good for that to happen, so...

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