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Bad blood game on Christmas Day (Celtics vs. Nets)

The last time these two teams played, well...

Jared Wickerham

In case you needed to be reminded, here's a recap and mini-preview for tomorrow.

Thunder-Heat, Knicks-Lakers headline NBA's stacked Christmas schedule | The Point Forward -

The last time these two veteran-dominated, underachieving Atlantic Division teams faced off, Rajon Rondo wound up with a two-game suspension for shoving Kris Humphries into the TD Garden baseline stands. Boston’s loss led coach Doc Rivers to call out his team for being “soft,” a label that is fairly accurate this season, considering the Celtics’ up-and-down defensive effort and awful rebounding numbers. Rondo said he learned “nothing” from his suspension and Garnett called Rivers’ comments “disturbing,” so both stars should enter Christmas with large chips on their shoulders. Garnett helped kick off Christmas 2011 by shoving an opponent in the throat, so set your expectations accordingly.

While I think the shoving is probably over between these two teams, the bad blood will be there. The Celtics will be extra motivated to prove just how non-soft they are in front of a National audience.

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