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Sheridan trade idea: DeMarcus Cousins for Bradley, Sullinger, Melo

Big issues but big upside in DeMarcus Cousins. Would you trade for him?

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In case you haven't heard, DeMarcus Cousins was suspended by his team "for unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team."

Kings suspend DeMarcus Cousins for 'unprofessional behavior'

The third-year big man had a verbal altercation with coach Keith Smart during halftime of the Kings' loss at the Clippers on Friday and was left in the locker room for the entire second half as a result.

He's already been reinstated and claims that he wants to remain in Sacramento, but naturally people wonder if he's going to be traded or at least shopped in the coming month.

Chris Sheridan has a few trade ideas to move the troubled young big man with huge upside. The first one is to the Boston Celtics.

Five DeMarcus Cousins trade proposals

Cousins and Tyler Honeycutt to Boston for Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo and Avery Bradley.

The Celtics proved last season you can take the Miami Heat to seven games without a true center. But taking them to seven games and beating them in seven games are two different teams, and the East is a stronger conference than it was a year ago. Boston would have to part with the two players it drafted last June in the first round, and a capable young defender in Bradley who has become somewhat superfluous (when he is read to come back) because of the arrivals of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee.

My initial thought is this: while I hate to give up both of our best young assets and solid citizens for a ginormous pain in the neck, the talent that the pain in the neck comes with is probably too much to pass up. In Doc and Garnett we trust. If he's willing to listen and learn, then those two guys could maybe get the most out of him and put him on the path to being the All Star he's capable of being.

What do you think?

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