Simple Solution to a "Big" Problem

Jeff noted today about Sullinger's Xmas performance. But with that aside, the facts are that Sully is actually contributing more than Bass for the season. Consider the stats: Sullinger/ Bass OffRtg 101.5/ 102.1 - DefRtg 100.6/ 104.4 OReb% 12.2%/ 7.6% DReb% 21.8/ 16.8 TReb% 17.2/ 12.3 ASTRatio 11.3/ 6.9 eFG% 48.3%/ 43.3% TS% 52.6%/ 47.7%

Sully also has a better shooting % at the rim and in the paint. Bass' turnover ratio is better and has a better shooting percentage in mid range, but we have a lot of other options there already. The point is that these numbers support what a lot of people have been suggesting. Bass is expendable as a trade chip. Especially if we remember that either or both Garnett & Wilcox can play power forward, Jarvis Vornado was just signed, and we haven't even mentioned Green. So that should enable going after a true big if we can find a fit for Bass.

Were we able to get just anybody we wanted, my first choice would be Larry Sanders. His breakout this year pretty much makes him untouchable (the Bucks just picked up his option). His play though has also made Dalembert expendable for them. He gives you roughly the same points and rebounds in 17 minutes as Bass does in 26 and blocks right at twice as many shots.

Bass and Barbosa would match salary wise (with Bradley coming back we will have an extra guard anyway).

And there is this:

Saturday, December 8 2012

"... veteran center Samuel Dalembert is questioning the way he is being used. Dalembert, who is 31 years old and an expiring contract, hasn’t been seeing the kind of minutes he hoped for. He too has been moved from the starting lineup to the second unit. He’s playing just 16 minutes a night and providing six points, four rebounds and nearly two blocks during that time, but it’s not what he expected. “It is not working,” Dalembert said. “It’s not quite, I thought my role would have been a little bit more. But, like I said it’s coaching and everybody is doing their best. HoopsWorld

In fact, he hasn't played since December 12. He may not be the "dream" choice, but could well be the best option without totally disrupting our roster. Plus, if nothing changes, there are several names, (Josh Smith, Paul Millsap, J.J. Hickson among others) that will be free agents next summer. The expiring contract would put us roughly 7M closer to going after one of those.

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