Cs in LA, no Nicholson tonight,
It's that other team, Lob City highlight.
Celtics started slowly, we tuned in late,
Thunder-Mavs OT--we had to wait.

Q1 Clippers dropped 30, just 10 is their lead,
KG at the buzzer, ended the Q like we need!
Green hard to the hoop, then hooray for Lee,
9-1-1 call was answered--he found his three.

Clippers fans love their show time, they get loud,
But in every arena there's a Celtics crowd!
We know about Griffin, Barnes and Paul,
Their bench is tough, especially 6th man Jamal.

In the first half--10 points for JET,
Sully, the rookie, no respect yet.
Cs down 13 end Q2--not great.
Green for three at the buzzer--it was too late.

Doc not happy, early timeout Q3,
Chris Paul's head hit the mouth of Captain P.
Just when our spirits started to droop,
Rondo to KG, alley-oop!

The Clippers are a constant highlight reel.
While the Cs are struggling to get the feel.
Clippers, sky high, continue to score,
Cs are getting thrown all over the floor.

LA's rough and athletic--techs, they have the most,
As they push and shove from coast to coast.
Clippers had a feisty player many years ago,
That was our Doc Rivers, you probably know.

At the end of Q3 Rondo made his three shot,
Still a 15 point lead the Clippers have got.
Q4 no offense or defense could the Cs design,
Only hope for the Cs? Turiaf at the line!

Clippers' lead was in the 20s halfway thru Q4,
Cs' starters out--Joseph and Varnado on the floor.
Let's hope this game is an unfortunate blip,
Cs will surely be better the rest of this trip.

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