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CelticsBlog redesign being redesigned based on user feedback

You voiced your feedback on the new design and the developers have taken note and made appropriate changes.


Change is always hard, especially with something that has become important to people. It is a huge compliment that this site has become important to many of you. For that I give my biggest thanks.

The folks at SB Nation are also thankful. So much so that they listened very closely to all the feedback on the site re-designs and made some edits, tweeks, and updates to the design that make more sense for the user experience.

Basically all the pictures will be smaller (especially the cover pics) and the river (the posts below the cover) will be all left aligned. Also the site menu will be right at the top so you'll be able to find the links for the Forum and Chat Room easily. Also, FanPosts are going to get some more love. All good things and all based on your feedback.

See this Blog Huddle post for more details.

Homepage changes to improve scanning and better highlight FanPosts and FanShots - Blog Huddle

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