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Rondo and Garnett are "unforgettable characters"

SB Nation NBA put together a list of "unforgettable characters" from the past year. Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett are on the list. Here's a piece of the Rondo blurb.

NBA's 15 unforgettable characters from 2012 -

A strange thing happened to one of the NBA's most polarizing players this year: Rajon Rondo became marginally overrated by the very people who never understood his talent in the first place and more scrutinized by those who first identified with his genius. His singular passing ability has always been the most obvious trait in his skillset, so naturally the former jumped aboard the bandwagon as he compiled game after game of double-digit assists, while the latter noted for the record that his other numbers were down across the board as he led a Celtics' offense that was comparable to the Wizards and Pistons.