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Rumor: Celtics very interested in DeMarcus Cousins

Enough with the speculation, here's an actual rumor.


Marc Stein reports on the latest DeMarcus Cousins drama, indicating that the team is reluctant to move him, but probably will have to start listening to offers.

NBA -- 2012: The Year In Numbers - ESPN

Front-office sources say that Boston and Detroit, just to name two teams, have let it be known that they are highly interested if and when Cousins does become available. Rest assured there will be more.

Can't say that this comes as a surprise. We've speculated over it for weeks now. But will the Kings be willing to deal him? Perhaps.

There's a growing sense among potential suitors that under-fire Kings general manager Geoff Petrie, who has overseen zero trips to the playoffs under five coaches in the six-plus seasons since Rick Adelman left town, would be willing to move Cousins, preferably in exchange for a dependable veteran of quality or two who could bring some instant improvement to a franchise stuck in lottery land and still plagued by an uncertain future in terms of where this team will be calling home in the long term.

In other words, stay tuned.

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