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January 2012 - Early season struggles & panic mode

Last year, much like this year, didn't start so well.

Before the season even started, Rajon Rondo was in trade rumors.

Ainge Argues Semantics, Makes A Point - CelticsBlog

I was not trying to trade Rajon Rondo. There's a big difference between trying to acquire a player and trying to trade a player. I know that some people say, 'Oh, that's just semantics.' No it's not. Rondo knows what I was trying to do, and he knows I wasn't shopping him around and trying to trade him, like has been reported. There's a big difference."

Speaking of trades, stop me when this sounds familiar.

Danny (As Expected) Called About Cousins - CelticsBlog

When we heard that DeMarcus Cousins may or may not have demanded a trade, you just knew that Danny Ainge would at least pick up the phone and give the Kings a ring. According to Mark Murphy, that's just what he did.

Hey, this sounds familiar too.

Boston's Struggles, Strengths, and The Weight of Reality - CelticsBlog

The first thing to consider is this -- the Celtics are still integrating a ton of new players into a complex system (both on offense and defense), and two weeks of training camp and two preseason games are not long enough to figure those things out.

But I wasn't ready to panic.

No More Excuses - CelticsBlog

Bottom line, if they can't get things rolling now, I'm not sure they ever will. Does that mean I'm advocating "blowing it up?" Hold your trigger finger there gunslinger. I'll approach that topic someday soon, but here's my little preview. Why? What good would that do?

Or was I?

So, Umm, Is It Time To Panic Yet? - CelticsBlog

Just curious. Down 19 at the half, no shots falling. Bulls on pace to top 100 points. This is ugly with a capital U.

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