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February 2012 - More struggles and trade rumors

Nobody was happy with the way the team started. Least of all Danny Ainge.

Ainge: We're Not A Contending Team Right Now - CelticsBlog

As for his own roster, Ainge said that he was encouraged by his team's defense, but acknowledged that, "Our team has been very up and down, very inconsistent."

People were calling for the team be "blown up." I didn't get that.

Blowing Up Is Hard To Do - CelticsBlog

I'm a bit of a broken record these days, but I'm going to keep on preaching until I convert you all or get proven wrong. This team has no reason to "blow it up." None.

But that didn't stop the rumors and speculation from running rampant.

Bill Simmons Is Ready To Trade Rajon Rondo - CelticsBlog

Sounds like Bill Simmons is about ready to step off the Rajon Rondo bandwagon. (If anyone's curious, I'm still on board and have no intention of falling off).

Probably Made Up Rumor: Rondo For Pau Gasol? - CelticsBlog

Kupchak answered:"Well, if there were a way for us to get a 25-year-old, All-Star, ball-handling guard we’d love to do it … but that’s not likely in February. So you look at other alternatives, and see if it’s better than what you have. That’s all."

Rumor: Celtics "Aggressively" Shopping Rajon Rondo - CelticsBlog

Boston is aggressively shopping Rondo, according to sources. The Celtics find Rondo's personality to be too high-maintenance and his clashes with coach Doc Rivers continue.

Still, there was one bright spot.

A Bright Spot For The Celtics At The Break? Enter Avery Bradley - CelticsBlog

It hasn't been a great half a season for the Celtics, but Avery Bradley is quietly having a breakout year.

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