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April 2012 - Celtics finish the season strong

Right after the trade deadline, things really started clicking for the Celtics. It is as if they were holding their breath and got to exhale in the month of April.

Everyone Loves The Celtics Now - CelticsBlog

Too good since the break -- and too dominant in the first of three remaining meetings with Miami -- to keep the Celts out of the top 10 any longer. Don't care how hard their schedule looks from here.

Simmons: Doc in Coach of Year Race, Celtics Contenders - CelticsBlog

In Bill Simmons' latest article, he not only states that Doc's work this season should have him in the "Coach of the Year" award race, but declares that the Celtics are now indeed championship contenders.

News Flash: Rajon Rondo Does A Lot More Than Drop Triple-Doubles On National TV - CelticsBlog

I know it doesn't fit the narrative. Sorry to disappoint. But Rondo came up big against the Atlanta Hawks last night, dropping a tidy little 10-20-10 stat line in a messy overtime victory at the TD Garden

The news came out that Pierce and Allen were almost traded at the deadline.

Rumor: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce Both Almost Traded At Deadline - CelticsBlog

On one hand, it appears (so far) that Danny Ainge made the right decision to keep the team in tact at the trade deadline. On the other hand, if rumors like these are to be believed, that wasn't his intent at the deadline.

Oh yeah, and Ray Allen may or may not have been OK with one of Doc's other roster tweaks, starting Avery Bradley over him.

Ray Allen Would Accept Role Off The Bench - CelticsBlog

For his part, Allen says he would graciously accept such a move if coach Doc Rivers sees fit. "If it makes us better offensively, I have no problem with it," Allen said.

Hmmm, that's not what he said this offseason, but that's getting ahead of ourselves. Speaking of getting ahead of ourselves.

A Premature "I Told You So" - Reviewing My Celtics Preview - CelticsBlog

I can't say I had the highest hopes in January, but I've always had the same sliver of hope. Just wait till the playoffs and see what happens. Still, I can't really say "I told you so" with a straight face since the team hasn't actually won a single postseason game yet. But just like in October, I'll take my chances against anyone.

The season finished strong but the playoffs opened on a sour note.

Rust In Peace: Game 1 Loss And Rondo's Ejection - CelticsBlog

With 41 seconds to play, Rondo took umbrage with a loose ball foul on Bass, who was trying to force a jump ball with Smith on the floor trying to protect the ball in a scramble. When referee Marc Davis whistled the call, Rondo immediately disputed the call, getting tagged with a technical, then appeared to bump Davis, earning a second technical and automatic ejection.

Thankfully things got better after that.

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