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August 2012 - Torch passed to Rajon Rondo

When Ray Allen exited stage left, the team became Rajon Rondo's. The Big 3 era was over, and it was time for Rondo to lead.

Doc's Clear Message: This Is Rondo's Team Now - CelticsBlog

Doc's comments taking the blame for Ray Allen's departure were very much intended to take the heat (pun kinda intended) off of Rajon Rondo. It also signals a clear message that this is Rajon's team now. Doc stressed that he gave the ball to Rondo more and more and the team clearly benefited from it, even if Ray didn't as an individual.

Could Rajon Rondo Be The League MVP? - CelticsBlog

I think it would be hard sell nationwide, especially if Rondo is still scoring under 20 points per game. In fact, even locally there's still some debate over who is the MVP on the team, never mind the league. Still, he's a guy that has that kind of transcendent upside. So I would never bet against him.

But the challenge for the next season was clear.

Miami Heat Are "Heavy Favorites" To Win Title Again - CelticsBlog

Here's the thing though. As much as I bleed green and think and hope for the best, ...I also feel like the Heat are the "favorites" to win it all again. They have the most talented starting 5, they beat the Celtics (pretty convincingly at times) two years in a row, they added Ray Allen, and are the defending champs. And yeah, LeBron's getting better, as much as it pains me to say it.

Meanwhile, CelticsBlog was treated with an exclusive (and great) interview with Jeff Green.

One on One with Jeff Green

"The surgery itself was probably the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life. I had to start from, basically, double scratch. Walking was an issue -- just being able to have the stamina was a problem. Everything just kind of shuts down. The nervous system breaks down, and it's kinda like a jump-start. You have to get it going, and it was just difficult.

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