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November 2012 - Slow start and Rondo's streak

Another season, another slow start. But at least we had Rondo's streak to talk about... for a while.

The Celtics defense needs to impove - CelticsBlog

The Celtics will defend better. They pride themselves on defense and it has always been their identity. It will always be their identity as long as Kevin Garnett is running up and down that court. But with so many new faces, they have to integrate that defense better.

Kevin Garnett's pack of hyenas need to be more aggressive - CelticsBlog

You know that Kevin Garnett can't be happy with the aggression and effort put forth in the Celtics two losses. So he called a meeting with the players before the coaches addressed the team and came up with another classic KG analogy.

Kevin Garnett to Jeff Green: No more Mr. Nice Guy - CelticsBlog

"You know, Jeff’s a really, really nice guy, and some nights, you know, you’ve just got to be an (expletive). You’ve got to be . . . I can’t really say what I want to say, but he’s got to be that.

Rajon Rondo is streaking to history - CelticsBlog

He still needs 7 more games to pass John Stockton's 37 game streak back in 1989 and Magic Johnson sits on top of the all time streak list with 44 games between the '83 and '84 seasons.

Rondo's stat padding - unseemly or no big deal? - CelticsBlog

Headed into the 4th quarter, the only thing that was left to watch was Rajon Rondo's assist numbers. Could he keep his streak of 10 assists or more alive? If so, how far would the team go to make that happen? At what point was it no longer just playing for pride and in fact playing to pad his stats?

Mean Streak: How much of a problem is Rondo's temper? - CelticsBlog

If there's one thing that has been proven out in the last year it is that Rajon Rondo has a trigger. He walks around with this stoic, unflappable face. Yet, underneath facade is a guy that is fueled with swirling emotions that nobody really understands.

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