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December 2012 - Deja vu all over again

Looking back over the last year, one thing has struck me. We've been through all this before. Hopefully the team can once again turn things around like they did last year. But for now, the rumors are coming fast and furious and they'll only increase over the next several weeks.

How valuable are Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger? - CelticsBlog

With all that said, if you were another NBA team looking to rebuild and you had a player that the Celtics wanted, who are the two guys that you'd ask for in return? The first two names you'd highlight would be Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger. They represent the kind of high upside that teams crave but of course that's also why we'd want to hold on to them.

Jeff Green is heating up: still an important X-factor - CelticsBlog

So things appear to be looking up for Jeff Green. But he was looking pretty good in preseason as well before taking two steps back in the beginning of the season. So fool me once... The question has to be asked, is this the real Jeff Green or is he going to be inconsistent all year long?

Rumor: Celtics "repeatedly" shopping Courtney Lee - CelticsBlog

In terms of those 108 offseason signees who become trade-eligible Saturday, at least three names are coming up repeatedly on the personnel grapevine: Indiana's D.J. Augustin, Phoenix's Michael Beasley and Boston's Courtney Lee. There's a reason for that, though: All three are seriously struggling.

Rumor: Celtics "looking hard" for another big man - CelticsBlog

And with Jason Terry in tow and Avery Bradley close to making his return from shoulder surgeries in the summer, the Celtics -- looking hard for one more big man -- have one off-guard too many.

Doc's message: play defense or don't play - CelticsBlog

The praise that the coach and GM give Collins is also a not-so-veiled swipe at some other players on the team. Wilcox got a DNP-CD that night. Jeff Green saw his minutes reduced to 14. And other players have to sit up and take notice as well.

Winds of Change are Blowing - CelticsBlog

When Doc Rivers inserted Jason Collins into the starting lineup, it signaled the official transition away from the team's small-ball oriented attack. Danny Ainge's comments on Weei this week further emphasized this shift in philosophy, while shedding some light on the reasoning behind it.

D-League update: Fab Melo explodes for a triple-double - CelticsBlog

On Saturday night, Melo broke through in a major way. The Red Claws took on the Erie BayHawks and what transpired on the court for the young big man should only help his confidence as he continues to develop. Melo scored 15 points on 7-of-14 shooting, recorded 16 rebounds (8 of them on the offensive glass, 8 of them on the defensive glass) and blocked 14 shots in nearly 37 minutes of action. Those 14 blocked shots are a NBA Development League record.

Rumor: Celtics very interested in DeMarcus Cousins - CelticsBlog

Marc Stein reports on the latest DeMarcus Cousins drama, indicating that the team is reluctant to move him, but probably will have to start listening to offers.

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