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Courtney Lee makes the All Dissappointment team

Yup, things have gotten that bad for Courtney Lee.

Jared Wickerham

SI's Point Forward crew decided to make an All Disappointment team and our own Courtney Lee made it into the starting five. Oh joy.

Deron Williams, Andrea Bargnani among NBA's most disappointing players | The Point Forward -

Lee is making a career-low 28 percent from three-point range, and at his absolute best has been a functional stopgap for Boston’s second unit. His complementary game has grown so agreeable as to be completely bland, and his most prominent defensive limitations (his inability to body up opponents and fight through screens) are only accentuated by playing with the Celtics’ second-unit big men. It’s been a hard fall for Lee, and a strange one; I’d bet on Lee’s figuring out the proper calibration of his offensive game at some point down the line, but for now he’s hardly living up to his presumed role within the Celtics’ reboot.

Like I've said before, I still hold out hope that his shooting percentage will get back on his career average track. Still, time is running out to prove himself before Avery Bradley returns and (potentially) takes away all his minutes.

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