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Celtics look to rebound vs. T-Wolves

How many rebounds do you think Kevin Love will get tonight?


Forgive the pun, but to rebound from their recent loss, they'll have to rebound the ball against one of the best rebounders in the league.

Green tackle identity problem -

"They’re challenging because their strength is our weakness," Rivers said. "They’re not a good rebounding team; they’re an amazing rebounding team. Kevin Love’s one of the best rebounders of our era. I know that’s saying something early on in his career, but he is. It’s an art. He has it. It’s a gift for him." Love went into last night’s game in Philadelphia second in the NBA in rebounding at 15.3 per game, a shade behind Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao. The Wolves also have Nikola Pekovic in 38th place at 7.6

Obviously there's more to the game than just rebounding, otherwise the T-Wolves would be better than 8-8. Still, it is a mismatch that we'll have to monitor tonight.

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