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Celtics not interested in Kenyon Martin; may bring in Dampier

Martin might be the most talented free agent available, but he might not be the right fit for this team.

speaking of old...
speaking of old...
Jim Rogash

When the Celtics lost Darko Milicic, many assumed that the Celtics would be in the market for a big man and most assumed that Kenyon Martin would be atop their wish list. Instead, the team decided to play it cool and see what else might pop up.

Waiting for NBA chance, Kenyon Martin hasn’t heard from Celtics - Sports -

Agent Andy Miller, who also represents Celtics center Kevin Garnett, said he has not had a conversation about Martin with Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge since July.

Interestingly the Celtics might be looking at another big man who's currently out of work.

Martin is one of many veterans - including Mike Bibby, Gilbert Arenas, Erick Dampier, and Troy Murphy - waiting for another NBA chance. According to an NBA source, the Celtics have considered bringing in Dampier for a look.

Damp was last seen in Atlanta last year and he even had a couple good games (in limited minutes) against the Celtics in the playoffs.

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