Was Rondo being funny?It is hard to know,
Was he in Mexico? From the suspension did he learn? No!
Wolves have Rubio, Barea, but it is mostly in rebounding
That Kevin Love's skill, says even Doc, is clearly resounding.

Wolves' Howard and Pekovic know how to score,
The most glorious sight? KG running the floor.
Alley-oop Rondo to KG, playing against his old team,
JET a wily vet, Sully's a rookie dream.

Ten days to two weeks til we see Avery Bradley,
Then it is mostly a Big the Cs will need badly.
Just when we're counting out our beloved Captain P,
He does a beautiful spin move, more of that let's see!

For those who say Cs fierce we are not,
As Love went by Bass gave him a shot!
Doc says our transition D was pretty poor,
End Q2 Cs (on Pierce turnovers) down by 4.

Q3 more early Cs turnovers but on pass after pass,
We were treated to the beauty of Brandon Bass.
Bass, Wilcox and Rondo all went on a run,
Cs by 7 when Q3 was done.

More treats for us, in Q4, with KG,
Sully's quickly learning how to be a C!
Tho there are still so rarely "star fouls" for Paul,
What a thrill to finally see Celtics Ball!

Rondo with a reverse spin, pretty and quick!
(Shot of Barbosa at the bench, he does look sick).
Rondo's 11th double double, Cs are getting it done,
By 10 points this game was won!

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