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FanPost Friday - highlights from the week of Dec. 7

Don't let us have all the fun, write your own FanPosts! Here are some highlights from this past week.

Jim Rogash

I love blogging every day, but some times it is hard to come up with new material to write about. That's why it is so refreshing to turn to the FanPosts and see quality content generated by some of you. Here's a few highlights from the past week. Keep 'em coming!

Why is the defense terrible? The shot location explanation - CelticsBlog

In other words, what we have all noticed is borne out by the stats: the Celtics' rotations and help defense have been slow, inadequate, or just wrong all season, resulting in too many easy points for our opponents. Fortunately, given the high assist rate, this seems fixable, less a problem of inherent weakness and more a problem of practice and familiarity.

It is Time to Put Up or Shut Up About Jeff Green and Courtney Lee - They Deserve the Minutes - CelticsBlog

Bring Terry off the bench, give Courtney Lee all the time he needs to works out the kinks to his shot and game; we know what Barbosa bring and Barbosa knows what he brings, we need Lee to get his game correct; so we need to give Lee and Green minutes to work out their games. The fact is Courtney Lee has all the raw skills to be a legit two-guard in this league, a poor man's RIP Hamilton, but he needs to the time to develop.

Is Doc Rivers To Blame For The Bucks Loss? - CelticsBlog

The Bucks game was a little bit of a deja vu. It was very similar to what happened in Philadelphia when the Celtics went up 14-0 in Game 4 or Game 6. It was one half of very good basketball. Magic Johnson during the halftime show even called out the Heat, saying that the Celtics are a hungry team and they better watch out. The words fell on deaf ears however as the Celtics allowed the Sixers to come back from an 18-point hole (if I'm not mistaken), and force the series to 7-games.

Knicks' lessons on how to beat the Heat - CelticsBlog

Station a big guy in the middle at all times to defend against their drives to the rim. Knicks did it with Tyson Chandler (who is great) and Rasheed Wallace. Yes, Sheed. Not a joke. The guy can STILL defend VERY well in and around the paint. (And yes, he is still jacking up threes at an unconscionable rate. Went 0-6 from deep in the Miami game. But he was still valuable because of his post play, on both ends.)


Ten days to two weeks til we see Avery Bradley, Then it is mostly a Big the Cs will need badly. Just when we're counting out our beloved Captain P, He does a beautiful spin move, more of that let's see!

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