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Rajon Rondo focused on only one stat: wins

Forget assists, Rondo wants wins.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For those that criticize Rajon Rondo for thinking too much about stats, he's got one loud and clear response.

Rajon Rondo seeks wins for Boston Celtics, not triple-doubles for himself - ESPN Boston

"If you play great and lose every game, that don't mean anything," said Rondo. "It's about wins and losses." "I don't listen to that," Rondo said when asked about taking solace in the progress the team is making in recent games. "It's all about wins and losses."

Also, if you noticed him limping up the court late in the 4th quarter, he did in fact turn his ankle but appears to be "fine."

Rondo's ankles 'fine'; expected to play

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo's ankles are "fine" after twice tweaking them in Friday night's 95-94 overtime loss to the 76ers. He is expected to play in Saturday night's rematch in Boston. Paul Pierce landed on Rondo's ankle while grabbing a rebound with 1:47 remaining in regulation, but Rondo limped through it and continued to play. Then, on Rondo's failed baseline jumper as overtime expired, both ankles buckled as he slippped on a Sixers decal on the Wells Fargo Center floor. His Celtics teammates rushed to his aid, helping him to his feet and off the court. "He left the locker room walking fine," the Celtics media relations staff relayed, "and [coach] Doc [Rivers] nor our trainer [Ed Lacerte] mentioned anything."

Rondo's ankles have turned so many times I wonder if they are made of rubber.

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