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Garden Report: Celtics Get Revenge on Sixers

The Celtics finally beat the Sixers, after falling to them twice this season. Kevin Garnett's 19-point and zero-rebound effort led the men in green and got them to 11-9 in the season.

Kevin Garnett doesn't always need to grab rebounds for the Celtics to win.

They beat the Sixers 92-79 even though their center didn't snatch a single rebound. It was the first time since 1997 that happened.

Paul Pierce contributed with nine assists and Jeff Green had 16 points off the bench.

Celticsblog's Evans Clinchy,'s Travis Singleton and Brian Robb from recapped the game in the Garden Report!

Filmed and produced by Lucas Parolin (@CLNS_Lucas) of CLNS Radio.

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