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Doug Collins provides extra motivation to Celtics

Doug Collins' comments may have backfired on him a bit.

you said what now?
you said what now?
Jared Wickerham

Sometimes a coach wants to give his team a boost of confidence and motivation to kick a team when they are down and just end up having it blow up in their face. That's what happened to Doug Collins last night.

Boston Celtics make Philadelphia 76ers' Doug Collins eat his words - ESPN Boston

While meeting with the media 75 minutes before Saturday's back end of a home-and-home, Collins noted, "There's no reason [the Celtics] should be fresher than us. Not with the amount of playoff games, the amount of minutes they've put into this league."

Rivers relayed those comments to his team before the game.

And asked after the game how Garnett and his 51,152 minutes responded to the news, Rivers noted, "Kevin reacted the way you think he would react." Which is to say that Garnett was essentially enraged.

I hope all the rest of the coaches spend a lot of time telling the Celtics what they cannot do so I can watch the Celtics go out there and do exactly that.

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