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NBA Scout: Kevin Garnett still has it

Yep, having a future Hall of Famer on the court does help.

Jared Wickerham

Always love hearing a scout affirm what I am seeing (especially when it is good news). In case you missed it, Kevin Garnett is still really good.

Weekend Dime: Scout's take on C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"People say there's no fear factor any more with the Celtics, but I'm still a huge (Kevin) Garnett fan. Say what you want about him slowing down and all the huffin' and puffin' he does, but he covers up so many mistakes. All that little stuff he does. If he can stay healthy, they'll be heard from (in the playoffs). "The little passes to Rondo, the little drop-offs, illegal screens he sets that don't get called for. And then defensively he covers up so many mistakes with his length, his ability to stop guards on pick-and-rolls, zoning up in the middle of the paint. It doesn't surprise me that they drop off (defensively) so much when KG's not out on the floor, because Jeff Green isn't doing those things. Nobody (else) is.

That last point is important. Sure, the Celtics aren't as good without Garnett as they are with him. No team is as good with their best or possibly tied for best player is off the court. Having KG on a minutes leash is limiting for us. But it is nice to know that when Doc has to reach back and get a big win, he can lean on Garnett for a few extra minutes.

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