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Boston Celtics 'Entire Team Is On The Block'

It's commonly accepted NBA wisdom that Danny Ainge would like to find a way to rebuild the Boston Celtics. He apparently wants to avoid the mistake his former team, the Phoenix Suns, made by holding on to their star players too long. Many trade rumors have been floated with the name of one Celtics player or another attached, but in his weekly chat ESPN's Chad Ford went a step further.

The entire Celtics team is on the block.

Ford, of course, could have been speak (chatting online) off the cuff and the statement came at the of an answer that included trade discussion about Chris Kaman, Pau Gasol and the New York Knicks "shopping Amare hard". Ford didn't offer any other specifics but his co-worker and self-avowed Celtics homer Bill Simmons had an idea of his own.

Simmons in one of his notorious lists, suggests the Celtics swap Rajon Rondo, Marquis Daniels and Jermaine O'Neal's expiring deal for Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Marcin Gortat. It's a suggestion that even Bill calls "unlikely".

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