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If You Average The Last Two Games We've Got 2 Easy Wins

There was no 4th quarter comeback attempt on this night. If fact, there wasn't much of a competition the whole night. That's always nice.

  • Who cares about the rest of the game, JaJuan Johnson scored a career high 11 points tonight!
  • We won the rebounding battle tonight. Though I'm not sure any stats can really be trusted on a night like this.
  • Some stats that do matter. Pierce played just 25 minutes, Ray just 23, and KG a hair under 17.
  • Brandon Bass was hot, especially early on tonight. That Bass is a keeper.
  • Wilcox was the only active player that didn't score.
  • Kevin Garnett even hit a 3 pointer. Why not shoot those more often? It is just a step further out than his normal "range" and I'll be he could hit them more than Rasheed did.
  • Celtics get a day off and host the Knicks on Friday. That should be fun.
  • For the first 2nd time this year, the Celtics have a winning record. (we were actually 4-3 at one point)

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