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JaJuan Some More? Johnson Gets Career High Points

Garbage time can be fun time for some.
Garbage time can be fun time for some.

For the first time since preseason, we've got some reason to talk about JaJuan Johnson. It was just garbage time, but it was nice to see him hit all 5 shots he took. So what did you think? How did he look?

If you are foggy on what his scouting report is, see the following from our SBNation player profile page (you know, those links that show up on each player's name in a post here - click them every once in a while - they can be insightful). This evaluation may be pulled from his college days but it should still be useful.

Assets: A dominant shot-blocker when on his game. Uncommonly mobile for a big man, and able to run the floor like a small forward. An explosive leaper with a huge wingspan. Has developed a solid outside shooting stroke and fairly consistent free-throw shooting.

Flaws: Significantly needs to add bulk to put up with the physical play in the NBA post. Needs to round out his offensive approach and develop more kick-out passing skills.

Career Potential: Athletic shot-blocking big man.

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