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Celtics Stuck In Tar Pits, Extinction Threatens

Sorry, that's about the best dinosaur reference title that I could come up with but I'm tired after a long week and I could only muster up a half effort. Sound like a team you know and love?

Here's a confession: I didn't see the game tonight. Didn't watch it, didn't tape it, didn't even care. I don't think it matters either. In fact, I doubt you are even reading this. Wait, if you read that, you are reading this. My head hurts. Well, many people will skip right past this text and give their own comments because they like attention almost as much as I do. So if you took the time to read this, my apologies. I'll try to make up for it by giving you a preview of the comments below. You see, I don't even have to read the comments to know what people will say. For example:

  • Blow up the team! We're doomed I tell you doomed!
  • You aren't a true fan, have a little faith. It was just a flesh wound.
  • Do you think we can get Jeremy Lin for Rondo? Maybe if we throw in the Clippers pick?
  • Doc has to go, he's the worst coach ever.
  • If Kevin Garnett and Perkins never got hurt and everything else in the world was perfect, we'd have 4 championships already. Is that a double rainbow?
  • Do you think we can get Dwight Howard for Jermaine O'Neal and Avery Bradley?
  • I told you we'd lose this game. I will give palm readings at midnight.
  • When do pitchers and catchers report?
  • Oh what a rouge and peasant slave am I.
  • Don't taze me bro.
  • Winter is coming.
Good night folks. Better luck next time.

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