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Ray Allen Getting By With A Little Help From His Friends

Nice statistical breakdown on Ray Allen at Hardwood Paradoxysm.

Ray Allen Is Getting By With A Little Help From His Friends

Allen has what some people like to call "in-the-gym" range. As in, if he’s in the gym; he’s in range. That, combined with his lightning-quick release make him nearly impossible to stop when he gets going; all he needs is a smidgen of separation and he fires up a swish. His teammates, namely Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Jermaine O’Neal, do a great job of creating that separation for him. There’s a reason that 139 of his 228 field goals attempted (60.9%) and 73 of his 113 field goals made (64.6%) have come after 0 dribbles; he’s always open. The Celtics’ ability to create open looks for him is a big reason why he’s been assisted on a career-high 81.7% of his field goals according to HoopData, continuing the upward trend that started when he came to Boston 5 seasons ago. His percentage of assisted baskets has risen every season since he’s become a Celtic, from from 64.5 in 2008, to 69.3% on 2009, 72.8% in 2010, 74.0% in 2011 and 81.7% this year.

Check out the link for more analysis and vids.

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